Frequently Asked Questions

It's my first massage. What do I need to know?

Massage is wonderful, and newbies are sometimes nervous about the details. After your therapist learns more about your health history and massage preferences, she will leave the room to wash her hands while you undress and get under the covers. You will be asked to undress to your level of comfort (usually down to your underwear or just your birthday suit) and only the body part being worked on is uncovered. It is very important to us that you know you are in charge! If anything feels uncomfortable in any way--it tickles, you need less pressure, you have areas you don't want touched--you can tell us and we will respect that. Your body, your boundaries. We reserve your appointment time especially for you. Please see our cancellation policy question below. Thanks!

What should I wear?

We are not fashion police, and this is a no-judgement zone. Wear what you need to feel comfortable, and if you have coffee or baby spit-up stains on your shirt, you'll fit right in.

How do I express preferences about pressure?

We always ask before your session if you like light, medium or deep pressure, and if there are any areas of your body that need special care. Massage is not a "no-pain, no-gain" experience, so if it hurts beyond a "good hurt", please let us know. Our talented massage team will gradually warm up from lighter to deeper pressure in each area. They will feel for your limits, which will help them understand what "light/medium/deep" means for YOUR body. As we get to know you and your preferences over seveal sessions we can increasingly tailor our touch to you.

Will the room be comfortable?

In a word, yes. We check in about room temperature, lighting, music volume and the setting on the massage table warmer. Then we make sure any props on the table and the face cradle are set correctly for your body. Because we see lots of pregant women, we keep the room mostly scent-free. You will be offered the option of peppermit essential oil on a tissue under your face to help with sinus pressure, but it it optional. Our organic massage lotion is also scent-free and does not stain clothes. We have rarely seen allergic reactions to our lotion (once, to date) but if you have concerns we can also use grapeseed oil for your massage.

Can I receive massage if I have an injury, medical condition or special circumstance?

Probably. Massage can be therapeutic for many medical conditions and aid in injury recovery. If you have specific concerns please check in with your medical caregiver before receiving massage.

Can I receive a massage if I'm pregnant?

We highly encourage it! At The Well we have the most collective experience with pregnancy massage in Connecticut. Unless you are in active labor or have a condition known as pre-ecclampsia, massage with an experienced certified practitioner is recommended for many benefits. See our Prenatal Massage page for more.

What if I'm running late?

Running around ten minutes late? Don’t sweat it! Come on down. Some massage is always better than no massage, and busy people probably need massage most of all! If you are able to call to let us know, please do from a safely, not while driving. We may not be able to make up your lost time so that we are not late for our next client. But if we can be a little flexible we will try!

Can I leave my cell phone on during my massage?

For your sake, it is usually better if you can "unplug" for your session. But we know you have reasons you might need to be in touch, whether it is a roof contractor with questions or kids that might not be feeling well. It is up to you!

What is your cancellation policy?

Glad you asked! We have excellent therapists whose livelihood depends on their full schedules. Please set yourselves reminders in your phone and check your calendars carefully! We also send out reminders--please read them even if you think you know what it will say, just to confirm the day and time correctly in your mind. You can cancel or reschedule without penalty witth 24-hours notice. Less than 24-hours notice and we will charge your card 50% of your service. No-shows are 100%. This is so we can pay our therapists for their time. Exceptions for this policy are made for weather-related concerns and onset of labor, and are at the sole discretion of the management of The Well.

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