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2022 Covid-19 Updates

In order to protect our community, clients, and staff, our current Covid-19 safety policies are as follows:

Thank you for allowing us to take care of you!


  • All clients and staff are required to wear at least an N94,  N95, or blue medical mask. (Cloth masks have been shown to be not as effective.) We will have the Korean model N95s available at the front desk for $3 and complementary medical masks if you need one. We find them safe and very comfortable. 


  • Unvaccinated clients must test negative within 24 hours of your appointment.  If you tested before your appointment, please bring a photo of your PCR or rapid test to your session or email a copy in advance.


  • If you are symptomatic at all before your appointment, please call to reschedule. If you begin to have symptoms during your session we will need to stop the session for the safety of your therapist. (If we stop the session anytime in the first half hour you will not be charged.) We know that being face-down when you receive massage can cause sinus pressure build up, and sometimes people cough or need to blow their nose when they turn over. We are not considering this “symptomatic”.


  • If you have a positive Covid test, you are welcome to return to The Well 7 days after your result, as long as you have been asymptomatic for 48 hours. The new CDC guidelines say 5 days, but we are keeping it to 7 because of the close proximity of your massage therapist during your session. 

We are continuing the same policies we put in place in 2020:


  • All therapy rooms sanitized between each client

  • 30 minute gap between sessions

  • 2 air purifiers going in each room at all times

  • Clients and staff wash hands thoroughly before appointments

  • Drinking water is available upon request


As we get through the winter and things improve in the spring we will revisit these policies. Until then, let’s all stay safe together!

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