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Appointment safety: what to expect for your appointment

  • All clients and staff must remain masked the entire time in our facility.

  • Your temperature is taken at the door.

  • We ask that all clients immediately go wash hands with soap and water.

  • At the time of your session, we will ask you to fill out the form below and the second one if relevant to you.

Precautionary Coronavirus Liability Release Form 

Covid-19 Recovery Intake Form

  • For now our default is to offer all massages in side-position. If you prefer face-down/face-up please request before appointment. For your comfort and safety, we require the use of a MaskSealz mask if you choose this position. (Available here for $4.99).

  • For your safety and the safety of others we sanitize all surfaces (door knob, light switches, etc) before and after your session. Medical grade air purifiers are running in each treatment room and we leave 30 minutes between sessions.

  • Therapists follow all CDC guidelines: wear masks, face shields/goggles, wash hands before and after each client, and change clothes between sessions. We are hands-on; gloves are not considered required or helpful by the CDC.

Please use Chrome or Firefox to book appointments, Safari is working on a fix for July 2, 2020.

Announcing Saturday Community Days at The Well: 
It is at the heart of our mission to provide a sanctuary, an affinity space if you will, to women. We have always had an open definition of "women"-- that is, people identified as female at birth or who identify as female or non-binary. But in acknowledgement that gender can be a multi-faceted and fluid state, and with a belief that all people need massage, we are opening every Saturday for bodywork for people of all genders and identification. Womxn are still at the center here, but now Saturdays can be for everyone!

"Susan Francis was a hidden gem! Her massage really was "therapy" and resolved my long-term shoulder and back pain. Highly recommended!" --Annie M.

"I have gone to Julie for both prenatal and postpartum massages, and she is the best of the best. The Well is a beautiful, peaceful place to be! Looking forward to checking out yoga and breastfeeding support group at The Well soon!" --Shannon B.

"I was excited when the Well opened in our neighborhood, and even more excited after getting a massage here. The space is beautiful and relaxing, the office staff is friendly and extremely competent, and best of all, the massage was exceptional." --C. Earl


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*The Well uses an inclusive definition of “women”: anyone who was assigned female at birth, or identifies as female or gender-fluid. Womxn are at the center here, but now Saturdays are Community Days: open to everyone!

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