"Susan Francis was a hidden gem! Her massage really was "therapy" and resolved my long-term shoulder and back pain. Highly recommended!" --Annie M.

"I have gone to Julie for both prenatal and postpartum massages, and she is the best of the best. The Well is a beautiful, peaceful place to be! Looking forward to checking out yoga and breastfeeding support group at The Well soon!" --Shannon B.

"I was excited when the Well opened in our neighborhood, and even more excited after getting a massage here. The space is beautiful and relaxing, the office staff is friendly and extremely competent, and best of all, the massage was exceptional." --C. Earl

Massage Services

Intro offers and all other discounted rates not valid with Julie Robbins (owner).

Customized Massage

Our talented, experienced Massage Therapy Team offers an incredible array of modalities, backgrounds and training.  Based on your expressed needs and preferences, your therapist will custom create a massage just for you.  For this reason, we do not offer a "signature massage" or standard massage choices like "Swedish" --- instead, we prefer to treat and care for each of our guests as the unique individual they are.   


The massage sessions are titled in the scheduling so that we may correctly set up the therapy room appropriately in advance of your appointment. Whether you are not pregnant, expecting a baby, or just had one, we will set up the table perfectly for you! 

Postpartum Massage

Massage is a great way to jump start your post-birth recovery: relieve sore muscles from the birth work, reduce back pain from nursing and baby care  and learn recovery exercises. Careful abdominal massage can assist in the return of normal digestion and tighten loose skin. We position you carefully to avoid pressure on your chest and belly, allowing you to lie face-down on the table again. 


Massage is great any time after birth, though most people find it takes 3-4 weeks to be able to make an appointment outside the house. C-section mom? We need you to wait 6 weeks and check in with your provider first. 

Prenatal Massage

We can't count the number of times we've heard expecting moms say, "Oh, I feel sooo great--I wish I'd come in sooner!" The comfort and ease from massage during pregnancy is hard to overstate.


Offered in side-lying position, the safest and most comfortable way to receive massage during pregnancy. Massage during pregnancy can create a significant reduction in back pain, headaches, hip pain, sciatica, swelling and more. The therapists at The Well have the most collective experience in prenatal massage in New Haven. Questions? See our prenatal massage page!


Interested in getting massage from your partner, but your partner isn't sure how to best help? Check out our Birthpartner massage class on the workshop page!

C-Section Scar Release

A 15-minute add-on to a 60-minute postpartum session after medical clearance. Integrated into your massage, this gentle cross fiber and small stretching of the connective tissue will help reduce the feel and appearance of scars up to several years old. Includes teaching you the techniques to continue the benefits at home.


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*The Well uses an inclusive definition of “women”: anyone who was assigned female at birth, or identifies as female or gender-fluid. If you feel drawn to our services, then you are welcome!

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