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6/29/2020 For now our default is to offer all massages in side-position. If you prefer face-down/face-up please request before appointment. For your comfort and safety, we require the use of a MaskSealz mask at the time of your session.

(Available here for $4.99)

Please use Chrome or Firefox to book appointments, Safari is working on a fix for July 2, 2020.

"Susan Francis was a hidden gem! Her massage really was "therapy" and resolved my long-term shoulder and back pain. Highly recommended!" --Annie M.

"I have gone to Julie for both prenatal and postpartum massages, and she is the best of the best. The Well is a beautiful, peaceful place to be! Looking forward to checking out yoga and breastfeeding support group at The Well soon!" --Shannon B.

"I was excited when the Well opened in our neighborhood, and even more excited after getting a massage here. The space is beautiful and relaxing, the office staff is friendly and extremely competent, and best of all, the massage was exceptional." --C. Earl


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*The Well uses an inclusive definition of “women”: anyone who was assigned female at birth, or identifies as female or gender-fluid. If you feel drawn to our services, then you are welcome!

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