Prenatal Massage At The Well
We pride ourselves here on special expertise in working with expecting moms. Pregnancy is a time of transition and change, both physically and emotionally. We are happy to care for you from the moment you begin trying to conceive right up to birth and beyond. 
Your safety is our first concern. We position women safely and (very) comfortably on their sides after the first trimester. You may also end your massage with a few minutes in a semi-reclined position so we can ease the strain on your belly and more thoroughly treat your neck and shoulders. 
Massage is contra-indicated for women with pre-eclampsia or who have had a c-section less than six weeks prior. Please get a go-ahead from your doc following a c-section for massage. When cleared--about 3 months later--we offer c-section scar release work in a 15-minute add-on to a session. You'll experience immediate change in your incision site, and learn how to repeat the protocol at home for best results.
Massage after baby comes can be just as important. We have special cushioning protocols to avoid pressure on your belly and breasts while allowing you to be face-down for your massage again. 
Want to know more? Julie Robbins teamed up with the American Pregnancy Association to write this article.
The Benefits of Prenatal Massage
Behind the scenes: see what prenatal massage is really like
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