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Our team of New Haven massage therapists are thrilled to welcome you to the Well for Women, in CT! We offer everything from relaxing Swedish massage to deep tissue, and we specialize in prenatal body massages and postpartum massage therapy. Pregnant now or never pregnant in your life, we always put women first. 

  • Julie Robbins

    LMT, Founder, CEO, Entrepreneur, Mom

    I like to keep my fingers on the pulse of women and their care.  In a world where women often find themselves last on the list, my passion is to notice and care for their physical and emotional needs that often go unacknowledged and unaddressed. Through my work as a massage therapist and entrepreneur my goal is to provide pain relief, down-regulation of the nervous system—that is, biological relaxation—and other resources to women so they can go out and be their best selves in the world. This is a sentiment that extends, but is not limited, to providing the best prenatal body massages and antenatal massages for all women in Connecticut.  


    Along the way, this life-long mission has lead me to found a feminist group in college, The Pregnancy Massage Center in Atlanta, The Tampa Bay Birth Network (with friends), Lotusleaf Therapeutics, Westville Massage, and now The Well for Women. (Whew!) My massage and doula practice has always centered on the childbearing year, which lead me to design and patent the Lotusleaf ergonomic pregnancy sleep system (date to market TBA). When I see my clients in discomfort, I love nothing more than to find, innovate, or otherwise quilt together a solution for them.


    I live in the Westville neighborhood of New Haven with my awesome husband, two fantastic kids, and a couple of guinea pigs whom I tolerate with good humor (Cupcake and Peanutbutter).  When I’m not obsessing about the comfort of my clients I enjoy contra dance, playing with fabric, and connecting with my friends. 

    I welcome you to meet our team!

    Note: Due to Julie's high demand, she is not available for intro offers, memberships or any other discounted rates.

  • Angie Naranjo

    Office Manager and Front Desk Ninja

    Angie is awesome!  She can help you with anything you need at The Well.  From setting up appointments or getting gift certificates for your friends, Angie is here to make it easy. With a background in team management, she is keeps us running smoothly with a smile!

  • Susan Francis


    My journey to massage therapy started with a simple desire: to help people reach their full potential through the emotional and physical support massage therapy can provide. Each massage I provide is customized to your needs, incorporating a combination of modalities including Swedish, cranial sacral work, stretching, and deep tissue techniques as needed. I believe in the power of health and wellness massages, and have seen the positive impact they have on people’s lives.


    In August of 2018, I received my certification as a Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist (CPMT) specializing in providing Touch Therapy services to children on the autism spectrum. My training was provided by Tina Alle, founder of the children's health and nurturing touch organization Liddle Kidz™ Foundation.  I welcome the opportunity to include woman and girls on the autism spectrum to the healing world of massage therapy.

  • Eboni Dinkins


    Eboni is a graduate from Branford Hall Career Institute. While in school she fell in love with Eastern massage modalities because of its more holistic approach at balancing the body and all of its parts. Like Eastern medicine, the goal is to find the root cause of an issue, instead of just treating the symptoms. It goes beyond relaxation to relieve pain and restore the body’s natural homeostasis. This is also crucial in maternal massages and post-baby massages, so attention is always paid to individual experiences, and each treatment is tailored to our customers’ needs. 


    She actively challenges herself to keep learning and sculpting her craft to provide a variety of techniques that are then tailored to meet each individual's personal requirements. She believes massage therapy is not as simple as getting or giving a relaxed rub down, because much thought, science, and tradition has gone into the techniques behind your massage. She understands that we live in a hectic world where most of our time is spent rushing around and juggling a crazy schedule. Busy jobs, having family commitments, maintaining an active social life, trying to get or stay in shape etc can seem to take up all of one's time. She helps you step back from this constant ‘on the move’ lifestyle so you can form a deeper connection to a healthy mind and body - you must always find time for self-care! 

  • Laura Dostaler


    Laura started receiving massages while pregnant with her second child after some personal difficulties. It had such a powerful impact on her physical and emotional well being she decided to dedicate herself to helping others feel their best, especially mothers-to-be. Clients describe her work as deeply relaxing with specific work in the areas that need it most. Laura’s understanding of the needs of both pregnant women and new mothers helps shape her approach. From after-delivery body massages to offering guidance on the best massage technique for lower back pain in pregnant women, Laura is on hand to help each and every one of her clients. 


    She graduated at the top of the class from Branford Hall Career Institute in 2012. In addition to her clients she also obsesses over family, friends, music, art, books, and gardening.

The Well for Women uses an inclusive definition of “women” as anyone who was assigned female at birth, or identifies as female or gender-fluid.  |  203.390.5542

495 Blake Street   Suite D   New Haven, CT 06515

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