A Women's Massage Sanctuary Located in New Haven, CT

In a world where women often find themselves last on the list,

let us care for your physical & emotional needs through massage.


The Well for Women offers skilled massage therapy for all women across the life cycle, from the best massages for lower back pain in busy workers through to mom-to-be massages and beyond.
We have special expertise in both prenatal and postnatal massage for the childbearing year. We've also been delighted to see that our services are well-received by the over-50 set.
We offer massage memberships so that you can easily make wellbeing a regular part of your life, in whatever way works best for you. We truly believe that health and wellness massages can work wonders when it comes to flexibility, mobility - and even digestive health.

As one of the only New Haven massage sanctuaries that offer this range of services, we have been honored to help so many women throughout their journeys. 

Our clients are parents and professionals, athletes and activists, students and elders - all people who make a difference in the world in vital ways. Let us care for you, and help you replenish and revitalize, so that you can go back out there and share your gifts with the world!

Our talented team is made up of the best massage therapists in CT, and they can’t wait to help you unwind, relax, and enjoy a tailor-made treatment...

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Every Saturday is Community Day

All genders are welcome! Our only requirement is that you are healthy & human.

It is at the heart of our mission to provide a sanctuary, an affinity space if you will, to women. We have always had an open definition of "women"-- that is, people identified as female at birth or who identify as female or non-binary. In acknowledgment that ALL people need massage, we are also open every Saturday to offer bodywork for people of all genders.


Replenish & Revitalize

Why not introduce the pregnant woman in your life to the value of prenatal body massage, especially tailored to her needs? Choose the amount you’d like to add to the gift card and make her day! If you’re ready to book your massage now, check the availability of our New Haven massage team and look forward to a day of bliss…

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Renew Your Body & Mind

A customized blend of NMT, Swedish, Deep Tissue, and stretching, individualized for your particular needs and preferences. Designed to specifically address your personal concerns, embedded in a wonderful hour of soothing relief. If you’re looking for the best massage in CT, you’ve found it...

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Pressure & Pain Relief

Offered in a side-lying position, the safest and most comfortable way to receive prenatal massages. Massage can create a significant reduction in back pain, headaches, hip pain, sciatica, swelling, and more. This is the best massage for that lower back pain that many pregnant women will be familiar with. The Well for Women therapists have the most collective experience in prenatal and postnatal massage in New Haven. This is a beautiful way to practice self-care, so why not treat yourself or a loved one to a special mother-to-be massage? 

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Reduce Swelling & Relax

Relaxation and recovery, from birth and the demands of infant care

Post-delivery massage for mothers is a great way to jump-start your post-birth recovery: relieve sore muscles from the birth work, reduce back pain from nursing and baby care, and learn recovery exercises. Careful abdominal massage can assist in the return of normal digestion and tighten loose skin. We position you carefully to avoid pressure on your chest and belly. This postnatal massage will help you unwind, as well as strengthen your body for the next stage in your motherhood journey. 

We are now offering Gua Sha as a complementary add-on to your massage.

Speed up natural muscle recovery and alleviate long-term chronic pain with this traditional Chinese massage technique.


Massage Your Partner During Pregnancy & Contractions

This two-hour, hands-on class allows your husband, partner, or friend to learn how to be actively involved in easing the discomforts of pregnancy and birthing. Birth partner massage covers relevant anatomy, contraindications, techniques for relief of common pregnancy muscular discomforts, and massage ergonomics for pregnant women. You'll also learn great pain-relief techniques for labor, where and when to use them, and many other comfort measures. We’ll also go into the best massage techniques for lower back pain, a common issue for pregnant women, so that you can unwind at home. 

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If you are feeling nervous about getting an after delivery body massage, or you want some advice on the best massage techniques for lower back pain while you’re pregnant, please get in touch. Back massages for pregnant women, or postpartum body massage therapy, should provide the ultimate pain relief and relaxation! We want you to feel comfortable and calm when you visit our New Haven massage sanctuary, so let us know how we can best accommodate your needs. 

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the well for women, new haven, ct - the best massage in new haven!


Together we bring an array of expertise in all different kinds of massage.

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