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Replenish & Revitalize

Why not introduce the pregnant woman in your life to the value of prenatal body massage, especially tailored to her needs?

Choose the amount you’d like to add to the gift card and make her day! If you’re ready to book your massage now, check the availability of our New Haven massage team and look forward to a day of bliss.

Pregnany Pakage

Introducing our Pregnancy Package

Treat Yourself or Someone Else. The Gift Every Pregnant Person Wants, Needs and Appreciates.


From the time your belly pops, until you have a three-month old, let us support you through your childbearing year with massage.
From the moment you know your pregnant, you are eligible for our Special Pregnancy Package.

Second Trimester: Our special side-positioning cushions help you feel zero-gravity on the table Massage reduces back pain from a “popping” new belly shifting your center of gravity Addresses discomfort from pregnancy-induced sciatica Helps the transition to side-sleeping Continues to aid in down-regulation as you start planning for parenthood

Third Trimester: Care for you as you feel the effects of late pregnancy in your hips, your low back, your belly and even your hands and feet If your baby is not in perfect position, gentle belly massage can help create room to move If you're close to 40 weeks, we offer acupressure points that are known to stimulate contractions. Just the feeling of relaxation sometimes allows labor to naturally begin

Postpartum:   Massage helps settle your emotions in a healthy way as you process hormonal adjustments, sleep deprivation and lifestyle changes Reduce strain from the repetitive efforts of feeding, rocking and holding that magical little being At 3 months postpartum we can also add in C-section scar tissue release work if needed

Customized Massage
Prenatal Massae
Postpartum Massage
Gua Sha Fusion
Facia Massage
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Renew Your Body & Mind

Renew your body and mind with a customized massage session. Our talented, experienced Massage Therapy Team offers an incredible array of modalities, backgrounds and training. Based on your expressed needs and preferences, your therapist will custom create a massage just for you. 

prenatal massage, postpartum massage, new haven ct

Pressure & Pain Relief


Offered in a side-lying position, the safest and most comfortable way to receive prenatal massages. Massage can create a significant reduction in back pain, headaches, hip pain, sciatica, swelling, and more. This is the best massage for that lower back pain that many pregnant women will be familiar with. The Well for Women therapists have the most collective experience in prenatal and postnatal massage in New Haven. 

 pregnancy massage, westville, new haven


Reduce Swelling & Relax

Relaxation and recovery, from birth and the demands of infant care. Post-delivery massage for mothers is a great way to jump-start your post-birth recovery: relieve sore muscles from the birth work, reduce back pain from nursing and baby care, and learn recovery exercises. Careful abdominal massage can assist in the return of normal digestion and tighten loose skin. We position you carefully to avoid pressure on your chest and belly. This postnatal massage will help you unwind, as well as strengthen your body for the next stage in your motherhood journey. 

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Using a stainless-steel tool or traditional ceramic soup spoon, our experienced and licensed massage therapists lightly scrape the surface of the skin to release trapped circulation in the fascia and muscles. This relieves tension and boosts blood flow to stimulate a more youthful appearance and texture. While it is not deep work, it can be experienced as feeling relaxing to almost intense, depending on the severity of the muscle tissue restriction. We work with you so it is never more intense than you prefer. 


The “Sha” is the trapped circulation that is released when scar tissue or fascia is broken up. Whenever there is Sha present in the body, the spoon pulls it out into the surface layer of the skin, relieving tension by leaving a red mark that lasts for 24-48 hours. (These tiny red polka-dots are distinct and different from bruising). This relieves tension and boosts blood flow to stimulate a more youthful appearance and texture


Traditional Chinese Massage

Fascia Stretch.png

A combination of Gua Sha, PNF stretching, and traditional massage to bring increased range of motion and release fascia, all embedded in a full body massage for deep relaxation.


You will actively partner in some of the assisted/resisted stretching, which has been shown to be more effective that stretching alone.  This can be extremely beneficial if the body’s mobility and strength are becoming more limited with age. The East West Fascia Stretch massage can improve the body’s overall flexibility and range of motion.


Stretch Therapy

Lymphatic Drainage Massage.png

An integration of gentle, repetitive compression strokes in a specific routine designed to best support your lymphatic system. This technique is ideal for reducing retained fluid resulting from oncology surgery or chronic sluggish lymphatic health conditions.  Unfortunately, we are NOT able to offer lymphatic drainage for post-plastic surgery. Our facility is not designed for this, nor is it part of our LMT's training. If this is what you seek please find a specialist in your area.


Fluid Reduction Therapy

Theta Hypnosis Massage.jpg


Hypnosis Massage

Theta Hypnosis Massage induces the Theta brain wave state, providing a sense of deep grounding and relaxation. Clients remain conscious and in control throughout the session. Julie verbally leads clients into a meditative state while receiving massage, allowing for a profound sense of peace and the ability to access relaxation at will.

We encourage clients to do a minimum of 3 sessions to reap the most benefit so you can tap into the feeling whenever you need to even if you’re not getting a massage.

If you are feeling nervous about getting an after delivery body massage, or you want some advice on the best massage techniques for lower back pain while you’re pregnant, please get in touch. Back massages for pregnant women, or postpartum body massage therapy, should provide the ultimate pain relief and relaxation! We want you to feel comfortable and calm when you visit our New Haven massage sanctuary, so let us know how we can best accommodate your needs. 

Lymphtic Drainage Massage
Theta Hypnosis Massage
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